Drag Race star Cynthia Lee Fontaine shares update on her hip replacement surgery

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Drag Race superstar Cynthia Lee Fontaine has shared an update about her hip replacement surgery. On 6 November, the beloved performer revealed that she needed to replace both hips after being diagnosed with avascular necrosis. “Sadly, I have been dealing with a lot of pain in my hips since last year.

After x-rays and MRI, I was diagnosed with avascular necrosis ( bones do not receive blood, started getting damaged and causing a lot of pain,” she wrote on Instagram. “This was due to exposure to my chemo treatment and also steroids (Pain Killers) back in the days when I was battling cancer.

That’s why I need hip replacement surgery on both sides. “I’ll be not working for almost 6 months due to recovery. I promise me, and my Boyfriend will keep you all updated.

Thank you always for your love and support! And if I kick cancer in the Cucu, this is easy to beat! Towards the end of her post, she revealed that she was scheduled to have her left hip replaced on 9 November and her right hip in January 2023.

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