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Fentanyl-laced ketamine may have killed trans porn star, mom says

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The Sun.Police found the body of Please, 24, in a Las Vegas apartment on March 15, days after she had been reported missing.

The Clark County Medical Examiner has yet to release a cause of death.“She’d been clean from meth for over a year but she was still dabbling in party drugs,” Montalbano said. “I could tell her until I was blue in the face not to do it, and why you shouldn’t do it, but she would just hide it from me and I didn’t want her to do that.”Ketamine is a popular dissociative used as a party drug.

Fentanyl is a powerful synthetic opioid.She last spoke with Please — whose legal name is Francesca Montalbano — from her Chicago home on March 11.She will travel to Nevada to identify the body.“I don’t know how long she’d been there.

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