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Fergie Is Back On The Charts With A Huge New Hit Single…Sort Of

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Billboard‘s weekly ranking of the most-consumed songs in the U.S. This is the list that people are referring to when they say they have a No.

1 smash or a top 10 hit, and this time around Harlow owns the roster with his new single “First Class.”That tune debuted atop the chart a short time ago, giving the hip-hop and pop musician his second leader, following his 2021 collaboration with Lil Nas X, “Industry Baby.”“First Class” relies heavily on a sample of Fergie’s single “Glamorous,” with Harlow and his producers grabbing just her singing the line “First class, up in the sky,” which repeats over and over in the chorus.It’s a clever use of a familiar bit of a track that has already performed brilliantly, and some especially young fans might be discovering the original production for the first time.

While “Glamorous” certainly isn’t exactly a forgotten classic, it was initially released in 2007, so it is now 15 years old, making it prime for a reworking.Since “First Class” uses a line from “Glamorous,” all the credited songwriters on that tune earn credit for this new smash.

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