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Fergie beams in new pic with Queen's corgis calling them the 'presents that keep giving'

Sarah Ferguson turns 63 today Saturday (15 October) and in beautiful new pictures, she is seen playing with the Queen's corgis, after she and her ex-husband Prince Andrew took them into their care following Her Majesty's death on 8 September.Taking to Instagram, the Duchess of York labelled the corgis as the "presents that keep giving" as she was pictured lying on grass in the sun with the dogs. The celebratory update on the Queen's beloved companions, Sandy and Muick, has delighted royal fans. In the photos, Sarah could be seen stroking one of the corgis beneath the chin as she wore a dark green velvet coat and a green and red scarf.The Duchess also wore her auburn locks loose as he enjoyed the company of her new playful pooches.

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