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Another craptastic day for Matt Gaetz

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Matt Gaetz received a double dose of bad news today.First, a federal judge has approved yet another sentencing delay for Matt’s former wingman, Joel Greenberg, so he can continue helping investigators who are looking into whether the anti-LGBTQ lawmaker paid to have sex with a high school student.This marks the third time Greenberg’s sentencing has been delayed since he pleaded guilty to six federal charges last year, including child sex trafficking, aggravated identity theft, wire fraud, and stalking.U.S.

District Judge Gregory Presnell ruled yesterday that Greenberg’s sentencing would now be delayed until August “absent compelling circumstances”, according to Yahoo News.Related: Matt Gaetz just released hour-long video denying teen sex allegations and talking about online datingOn top of that, the Daily Beast just published a new piece about how Gaetz was in “chaos mode” after his teen sex scandal first broke back in March 2021.The article helps shed light on that unhinged interview he gave to Fox News’ resident homophobe Tucker Carlson, which resulted in him being blacklisted from the conservative propaganda network.Political reporter Roger Sollenberger writes:Fifteen minutes before Rep.

Matt Gaetz (R-FL) was due to go on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show on March 30, 2021—hours after a bombshell report that he was under investigation for allegedly sex trafficking a minor—Gaetz was shouting, repeatedly, at FBI agents in his family home.“Do you have a warrant to be here?” Gaetz yelled, according to an FBI report of the event obtained by The Daily Beast.As it turns out, however, the agents didn’t knock on Gaetz’s door to discuss his alleged bad behavior.

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