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Forget outdoor activities—where are all the “indoor gays”?

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Do you dread long walks on the beach? Is the idea of a hike through the woods your personal hell? Are you more into camp than actual camping?

Then perhaps you can relate to the Reddit user who’s on the hunt for “indoor gays.”“Where are the indoor gays?” this Reddit user wrote in a r/askgaybros post on August 9. “I’m so tired of seeing ‘I like anything outdoors’ in profiles.

Where are all the gays who prefer being inside? Seriously, what city do I need to move to to find more guys interested in video games, board games, watching shows on the couch, going to a museum, trying out a restaurant, etc.?”In a comment on the thread, he elaborated: “I mean, I do like volleyball, snowboarding, hiking, kayaking, and such, but only for a few hours at a time,” he wrote. “Doesn’t seem to be enough for all these guys who want to rough it out in the wilderness for weeks on end.”Related: Gay heightism is real, as this 4’10” Reddit user discovered the hard wayBut, soft!

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