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Hong Kong court rejects bid to recognise overseas same-sex marriage

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A bid by LGBTQ+ activist Jimmy Sham for Hong Kong to recognise overseas same-sex marriages has been denied in court. Sham married his partner in 2013 and has advocated for overseas same-sex marriages to be recognised in Hong Kong for the last five years.

On 24 August, the region’s Court of Appeal declared Hong Kong will only recognise heterosexual marriages. The judgement stated marriage is “a voluntary union for life of one man and one woman to the exclusion of all others.” It continued: “The drafters of the Basic Law must have only used the term ‘marriage’ in Basic Law 37 in the traditional sense of being a union between a heterosexual couple.

Any suggestion otherwise is divorced from reality.” Sham is one of multiple activists in jail awaiting prosecution due to a new national security law.

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