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How gay or straight is your zodiac sign?

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When it comes to our communication styles and luck at work, some of us turn to the stars for guidance. So why not see what our zodiac signs might have to say about our preferences for love, comfort, and sex?

Let’s have a fun peek at which zodiac sign is the most “straight”-laced and what zodiac sign is most likely to be gay.Do keep in mind that this article is meant for fun, so if you’re an extremely gay Taurus, we send apologies in advance!RELATED: Tarotscopes That Slay For The 2022 New Moon In AquariusMarch 21-April 19Excessive public affection and unrealistic expectations?

Smells like an Aries to us! While it’s a 50/50 chance that these fire signs are gay, one thing is for sure: they’re quick to action.

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