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How writing adult video scripts for women made me a better lover of men

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​​Queerty writer Jamie Valentino working on an adult video screenplay in Medellin, ColombiaOnline gay hookup culture typically involves sending a couple of images first and receiving some back. ‘What’s up?’ leads to ‘not much,’ and the parties in question confirm to be looking for now after approving each other’s facial features and bone structure and, perhaps, shape and size of genitalia.One hosts and the other travels.Through all this, though, hopeful lovers often consider dialogue unnecessary.

The step-and-repeat nature of gay apps like Grindr makes it almost irrelevant.“Not looking for endless chatting,” users proudly advertise, but what they mean is none at all.

You better experiment with Tinder if you’re hoping for banter. But in practice, interactions there can feel like snail mail because you’re not talking to potential dates or mates in real-time.When I started a gig writing a few porn scripts a month for Inmelanin Productions – beyond the fabricated storylines – the idea of chatter before sex truly seemed like a fantasy.

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