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Trans Teen Victim of Vicious Anti-LGBTQ+ Assault for Second Time

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A transgender teen in Florida, who made headlines last year after she was brutally attacked in school, has been violently attacked again.

And for a second time, the viciousness was caught on video.In an interview with Miami's ABC affiliate WPLG, Chad Sanford, 14, said she heard a knock on her Pampano Beach home door.

She thought it was friends inviting her out, but the group was anything but friendly.She says after leaving home, the group assaulted her without warning."They came behind me and jumped me," she said of the attackers."Don't come around me with that gay sh*t!" she told the outlet the assailants yelled at her as they began beating her.In a video obtained by WPLG, which may be difficult for some to watch, three boys kick and beat Sanford relentlessly while a fourth boy lurks, contemplating joining in the assault.Sanford has endured two beatings in just over a year.

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