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I’m 27 and I’ve never had sex or a relationship – but I don’t need either

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 I’ve never been in a romantic relationship.I’ve never even had a sexual encounter – and I’m perfectly content with that. Women in particular are expected to conform to society’s norms – to be in a relationship, lose their virginity, to want to get married and have children.

All in order to avoid being alone – being left on the shelf or becoming a (whisper it) ‘spinster’. I have crushes, however fleeting they may be, such as on the cute stranger at the coffee shop… but I’m yet to find that real connection with someone As a teen I loved a good rom-com (I still do).

Bridget Jones’ Diary, 13 Going on 30 and A Cinderella Story, were some of my favourites. But back then, I didn’t realise that romantic love and relationships didn’t have to be the go-to for everyone.

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