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India’s first openly gay prince vows to “keeping fighting” for ‘conversation therapy’ ban

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Royal prince Manvendra Singh Gohil is fighting for a more accepting future for the LGBTQ+ community in India. Gohil made history after coming out as gay in 2006, aged 41, and received imminent backlash for his decision, largely due to country-wide cultural values and his position in society.

The prince, who is the 39th direct descendant of India’s Gohil Rajput dynasty, has since dedicated his time to supporting LGBTQ+ causes and education. “The day I came out, my effigies were burnt.

There were a lot of protests, people took to the streets and shouted slogans saying that I brought shame and humiliation to the royal family and to the culture of India,” Gohil said speaking to Insider. “There were death threats and demands that I be stripped off of my title.” However, the prince does not directly blame anyone, but the “ignorance” surrounding the understanding of LGBTQ+ people and “subjects”.

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