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Transmissions: This dichotomy we live in

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The big trend in popular culture is the multiverse, as seen in films like "Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness" and "Everything Everywhere All at Once." In these movies you see the unusual interactions when radically different realities collide.Perhaps the current popularity of this particular story trope is because, in a way, it seems as if we are in multiple realities.On my desk as I write this is a new toy for the household feline.

Shaped vaguely to resemble a bee, this catnip-infused plaything is banded not in yellow and black, but in the pink, blue, and white colors of the trans Pride flag.This toy, along with companions in lesbian flag and bi flag colors, is sold off the rack at Target stores nationwide, alongside all sorts of Pride-themed merchandise.

Genderqueer Pride flags are stocked alongside intersex socks, while even binders and packer-friendly undershorts can be snapped up at one of the nation's largest retailers.Likewise, at Disney, its carefully-titled Rainbow collection is renamed as the Pride collection, perhaps in recognition of its battle against Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis' signing the "Don't Say Gay" bill into law.As an aside, I can't help but note that Disney was initially playing coy, making donations to DeSantis and other anti-LGBTQ politicians in Florida, while providing only the weakest of responses to the bill.

It has been interesting to watch the Mouse try to pick a lane.Even with the new name, this still feels cautious, attempting to show that it will be donating to LGBTQ groups as a way to, perhaps, absolve itself of the past — but I digress.My local big city is gearing up for its annual Pride event, returning to the streets in defiance of the current rise in cases of.

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