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Nothing Unites Different Marginalized Groups: Exposing the Intersectional Hoax | Opinion

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▪️ Black, Indigenous & other people of color▪️ the LGBTQ community▪️ immigrants▪️ young people▪️ those working to make ends meet▪️ people with disabilitiesProtecting abortion access is an urgent matter of racial and economic justice.The problem with this idea, as they say, is that it is wrong.

The current American ruling class is hardly a monoglot all-white entity: The wealthiest U.S. population group is Indian Americans, and seven of the top 10 income groups are not white.

Nor are the majority of whites wealthy conservative oppressors; politically speaking, the white vote at the Presidential level has been divided fairly evenly between the parties for decades.

Meanwhile, many minority groups dislike one another more than they dislike the current majority.Absent the fictional narrative of one oppressor class, it's difficult to imagine what might unify, say, devout Muslims and OnlyFans feminists, lesbian activists and trans women, or illegal immigrants and Black or Appalachian union workers.Awkward though it may be to admit it, the idea that racial minorities are the strongest straight allies of the LGBT community has no statistical basis whatsoever.

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