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Internet Backs Woman 'Forbidding' Brother From Wearing Dress To Her Wedding

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Reddit's popular "Am I The A**hole" forum where it received nearly 8,500 upvotes and 1,000 comments.According to the Human Rights Campaign, an estimated 2 million Americans identify as transgender.

The word transgender, or trans, is an umbrella term used for individuals whose gender identity is different from the sex they were assigned at birth.It is estimated that three out of 10 adults in the U.S.

know someone who is trans. The term transgender can include many gender identities: non-binary, genderqueer, gender non-conforming, agender, and bigender.In the post titled "AITA for forbidding my brother from wearing a dress?" the woman, 32, explained that her 15-year-old brother is the "golden child" and that he is coddled and disrespectful."I've found him looking at alt right stuff online and while I don't believe he's that far gone yet, I am truly worried about the person he is becoming.

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