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Is this video about gay diversity hires funny, passé, or offensive?

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Watch.The video has received a range of responses. Some people find it hilarious. Others find it upsetting.“Excellent, you’ve made me laugh out loud,” one person commented.“This is risk-free comedy aimed at a religious audience,” someone else said. “Even the ‘edgy’ sketches follow the well-trodden path and do not deviate from the safe stereotypes.”“That ass tho,” a third person wrote.Personally, we think it’s just another boring example of milk toast hets thinking they’re being edgy.

Content Machine’s Facebook page is actually filled with similarly stupid videos featuring the same group of actors.Like this one about “coming out” to your family about being a realtor.Or this one about a gay stylist named Maurice…Now, we admittedly don’t know (or care to know, for that matter) much about the guys behind Content Machine or the actor featured in these videos.

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