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Jon Stewart has weighed in on the Dave Chappelle controversy and Lord help us

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For whatever reason, Jon Stewart has decided to weigh in on the Dave Chappelle Netflix controversy and–surprise!–he’s coming to the transphobic comedian’s defense.“He’s one of my favorite people on the planet,” Stewart told TMZ yesterday, “and he’s just a good, decent… You know, if there is any miscommunication, I’m sure that–I love that dude, like as a person.

He’s warm and wise and all those things.”Did you catch that, folx? Because Dave Chappelle is nice to Jon Stewart, a wealthy straight white cis male, that means everyone should cut him some slack for all the horrific things he’s said about LGBTQ, particularly trans, people.According to Stewart, it’s all just one big “miscommunication.”“I know his intention is never hurtful,” Stewart.

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