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PLAC’s Drag Queen Story Time over spring break went off without any problems. (Courtesy of Tina Biffle) Prompted by her daughter’s coming out and suicide attempt, Tina Biffle is helping create community for LGBTQ people in Parker County TAMMYE NASH | Managing It’s been almost two years now since Tina Biffle’s daughter came out — almost two years since her daughter attempted suicide because she was convinced that being LGBTQ made her a sinner who her family could not love.

And in that nearly two-year span of time, Biffle has created a network and, now, a nonprofit organization to make sure that not just her daughter but every LGBTQ youth in Parker County knows they are loved and valued.

Biffle founded Parker County LGBTQ Awareness Community — PLAC, for short — for her daughter and others like her daughter. It started out as a Facebook group for LGBTQ people in Parker County, west of Fort Worth, and their families and allies.

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