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Democratic Lawmakers Introduce LGBTQ+ & Women’s History Education Bill

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Democratic members of the House of Representatives introduced a bill today to provide students with resources to learn about LGBTQ+ and women’s history.

New York Democrats Carolyn B. Maloney and Ritchie Torres have introduced the LGBTQI+ and Women’s History Education Act. The legislation would allow the director of the Smithsonian National Museum of American History to formulate and distribute educational materials that promote an intersectional and inclusive approach to teaching LGBTQI+ history and women’s history in the classroom.The bill comes as Republicans aim at LGBTQ+ youth across the country.

Ten anti-LGBTQ+ statutes took effect earlier this month, including Florida’s “don’t say gay” law.“This is unacceptable and will be detrimental to the mental health of LGBTQI+ youth, which is why I introduced the LGBTQI+ and Women’s History Education Act,” said Maloney in a statement announcing the bill. “Women, too, deserve to be seen and represented in the classroom.”She says that historically, this country has downplayed the contributions of women, especially those of color. “I have led the fight to create a national museum on women, and the LGBTQI+ and Women’s History Education Act continues that legacy to ensure that women’s history is taught nationwide,” Maloney added.Those who don’t learn from history will repeat it, and children will be denied the chance to learn about the heroism of LGBTQ+ people and women, according to Torres.“As Republican legislatures across the country attempt to silence the history and stories of LGBTQ families, we must act to proactively educate American youth,” the congressman said. “I stand on the shoulders of those who came before me to make it possible for me to be the first openly gay.

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