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LGBTQ protesters greet Pride in Bloom attendees

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A small group of LGBTQ protesters greeted visitors to the Dallas Arboretum on Saturday, June 11. Some of those driving through the gate were there to celebrate the garden’s Pride in Bloom celebration.

All of the protesters agreed it was the first time they had ever protested an LGBTQ event, but all agreed it wasn’t actually an LGBTQ community event.

They said it was for show. The Arboretum has been the subject of regular protests because of lawsuits and EEOC complaints filed against the organization for employment discrimination based on race, gender identity and sexual orientation.

Additional complaints are expected to be filed. Protest organizer Steve Atkinson said, “The Pride in Bloom event is a lame attempt by the Dallas Arboretum to have something to point to and claim they ‘support’ our community.” He called the event nothing more than a tactic that the Arboretum will use in court when defending their discriminatory employment practices and its CEO.

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