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Lil Nas X teams up with Grindr to promote “free c*ck” when you presave his new single

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Suffice it to say that Lil Nas X‘s most recent corporate sponsorships might not be exactly as advertised.The rapper took to Twitter over the weekend to announce some new sponsorships which would give fans perks for pre-saving his upcoming single, “Late To Da Party”.However, something about it seems a little, as the kids would say, unserious.FREE COCK WHEN YOU PRESAVE MY NEW SONG TODAYPRESAVE:— obamas cousin (@LilNasX) June 19, 2022Of course, the also highly unserious social team at Grindr did their part to keep the bit going.everyone hurry up and presave while you can, we’re running out of cock!!!— Grindr (@Grindr) June 20, 2022Whether the collab was real or not, the aforementioned perk may no longer be available anyways.

3sorry guys due to high demand we are running out of cock. if u already got some cock please save some for other people— obamas cousin (@LilNasX) June 19, 2022Trolling like this is far from new for Lil Nas X.Since coming out at the height of his “Old Town Road” fame, he’s been fighting off haters and homophobes with an absurdist social media-specific wit.We’re not exactly sure when he started using that wit for his advertising, but it’s his #1 tactic at this point.

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