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"Fire Island" Is A Classic Remade Into A Queer Masterpiece

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***This review contains mild spoilers***Adapting a classic takes a lot of nerve. Not only to try to even come close to the greatness of the original, but to add something that makes it unique and necessary for the adaptation's to even be made in the first place.

Luckily, Fire Island is not only a great adaptation, but a new LGBTQ+ film classic that beautifully translates queer culture to the screen, using its Pride and Prejudice roots to tell a masterful story about race, class, and love against all odds.

Fire Island is the rare film that shows the best and worst of the queer community through a story told on queer terms.Fire Island is director Andrew Ahn’s third feature film, with the script by Joel Kim Booster also in his first starring role.

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