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Meet the Dedicated Latino Behind East L.A.'s Historic AIDS Monument

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[Haga clic aquí para leer este artículo en español.]At the tender age of 17, Los Angeles native Richard Zaldivar first embarked on what would become a lifelong dedication to his roots and community.

His amazing journey started with the role of president at a local youth group, where he organized community meetings to help educate his peers about addiction issues and community involvement and leadership.

A few years later, Zaldivar moved into the political realm when he worked on a campaign for L.A. councilman Art Snyder. Zaldivar ended up working with Snyder for the next 13 or so years.

It was during this time that he led the successful effort to save Cathedral High School in northeastern L.A. from closure and demolition.“From there I went to go work for the city attorney in L.A.

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