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NBC's Steven Romo and Fox Weather's Stephen Morgan Are Married

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NBC News correspondent Steven Romo and Fox Weather meteorologist Stephen Morgan have tied the knot, and the celebration has left them exhausted and excited.A fabulous wedding ceremony took place Saturday at the Filter Building on White Rock Lake in Dallas, Texas, between Romo, 37, and Morgan, 33.When The Advocate spoke with Romo and Morgan on Wednesday, the couple said they were back in New York and were "trying to come back down to Earth."The two who already share a first name, albeit spelled differently, kept their last names so as not to add to further confusion, Romo says. "People were asking us 'What do you guys want to be called?' at the wedding," Morgan says. "So we just said, 'I guess the Steph/vens,'" he joked.Above: Husbands Steven Romo (left) and Stephen Morgan.The couple says they look forward to figuring out who's who over the years they will have together.

Fortunately, the weekend's events went according to plan.Romo says the ceremony went flawlessly, which to him was a pleasant surprise because "many big events like this can easily go off the rails.

But everybody showed up and helped out, and it all went off so smoothly. I was really impressed with everything." After the ceremony, guests told the couple they were moved by the ceremony. "I think because we tried to be honest about our journey to get to the alter and how a lot of people grow up thinking about their wedding one day, and Stephen and I didn't really do that," Romo says. "So it was a longer, harder fight to get there, and we let people in on that, and I think they were pretty moved by it.

I'm very happy with how it all turned out."Morgan interjects, "Same with me. I mean, I did grow up thinking that I might get married, but that it would be to a.

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