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Cassie Nova • 11-11-22

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Celebrity sightings in the kitchen and the Rose Room What’s up y’all? Hope you are having a freaking magical day. Today I thought I would dazzle you with a story about me meeting a celebrity in my own kitchen.

The year was 2001 — or maybe 2002. I lived down off Cedar Springs in the River Oaks Condos with my roommate and bestie Lee. Back then, we didn’t have the fabulous dressing room for the Rose Room that we have now so, I would leave the club in drag to go home.

So, on this particular night — I think it was probably a Friday or Saturday — I get home at about 3:30 a.m. I unlock the door, walk in and notice someone standing in my kitchen wearing nothing but a towel.

He sees me — the big-assed, big-haired drag queen that I am — and his eyes widen as I say hello. It wasn’t the first time my roommate has had trade in our place, but it didn’t happen often.

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