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No, a College Did Not Say Students Can Identify as 'Feline'

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gender pronoun guide with "catgender" and "emojiself"—which refers to the use of emojis to express a pronoun—as options.In the university's "using pronouns at work" document, it included a link to a separate web page not affiliated with the university, that says that some people may identify using as catgender or "emojiself" pronoun."Emojiself" pronouns are only meant for online use and are not meant to be pronounced out loud, according to the website, called, which discusses different types of pronouns.Speaking to Newsweek, the university said that adding this external link into the document caused confusion as it wasn't specifically endorsing everything including in the link, including addressing people by the catgender or emojiself pronoun.A University of Bristol spokesperson told Newsweek on Tuesday: "The University of Bristol is committed to gender inclusion.

The correct use of pronouns is important to some members of our University community."We have a guide on our website which is designed to help people understand the different variations and nuances that this covers.

This linked to an external LGBTA Wiki page with further information, which in turn links to a separate page on catgender."These external links are not official university guidance and we are disappointed that it has been reported as such.

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