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Oh no, are conservatives about to freak out over the gay, handbag-loving Teletubby all over again?

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everyone is coming for the Teletubbies now that Netflix has shared a first look at its upcomingreboot of the British children’s series: “They’re too gay!,” “They’re not gay enough!,” “They messed with the mythology!,” “They’re bringing up traumatic childhood memories!”How about you just mind your own business and let the Teletubbies… um… wait, what is it that the Teletubbies do again?Created by British TV veterans Anne Wood and Andrew Davenport and aimed at a pre-K audience, Teletubbies premiered on the BBC in 1997, arriving to American airwaves the following year and subsequently becoming an international phenomenon.

The original run of the series was five seasons long, with 365 episodes total—that’s a Teletubby for every day of the year!With no plot to be found, the series simply follows the day-to-day lives of four babbling creatures who frolic across what is almost certainly a post-apocalyptic oasis and watch little videos via the screens on their tummies.

Honestly? Work!Related: Hiding in plain sight: 10 of the queerest cartoon characters everUnless you’ve been living under a rock (and, no, we don’t mean the Teletubbies’ subterranean home, a.k.a.

the “Tubbytronic Superdome”), you’re likely familiar with the series’ quartet of characters: There’s Dipsy (the green one), Laa-Laa (the yellow one), Po (the red one), and Tinky Winky (the gay one—well, maybe.

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