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How Alan Turing still casts his genius in the age of cyberwar

LGBT+ History Month that tolerance can be beneficial to all in society. In November, MI5’s director general traced the line when he referenced a partnership between the UK security agency and scientific charity The Alan Turing Institute.  Giving his annual threat update, Ken McCallum said: ‘Our other big push is constantly to improve the way data is obtained and analysed. ‘That means MI5 forming cutting-edge partnerships such as with The Alan Turing Institute, and valuing data scientists and engineers just as we do agent runners and investigators.’ The pressing need to protect against cyber-threats from hostile states such as Russia, China and Iran — and the rapid advance of AI — has thrown Turing’s work into new light, 82 years after his death.  James Turing, his great-nephew and founder of The Turing Trust, told ‘When I was a child Alan’s legacy wasn’t very well known because it had only been unclassified a little bit before I was born.  ‘In the years since The Alan Turing Institute has been named after him, which I am sure he would be very proud of, so to see the Institute itself is now having those collaborations with the likes of MI5 is a very nice way of showing how Alan’s legacy continues.

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