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BREAKING: Harry Styles is a sloppy kisser and Gay Twitter™ is not handling the news well

Harry Styles‘ recent makeout sesh with Emily Ratajkowski. The British dreamboat was recently caught on camera getting sloppy with the model in Tokyo, and it’s safe to say that gay fans around the world are feeling betrayed.Harry Styles and Emily Ratajkowski spotted kissing Like Crazy in Tokyo pic.twitter.com/iofMPojrpgSure, we’ve been crushing on Harry for years, but now this begs the question: Is this a devastating final development in the “is Harry really a bad kisser” saga? Or is there a glimmer of hope for his queer fans across the globe that–maybe, just maybe–he simply isn’t that into kissing women?Whatever the case, it’s safe to say Twitter had a lot to say about this interesting interaction. Check out some of the tweets…is harry styles a bad kisser or is he a boy kisserjust in case anyone needs a refresher: here’s how harry styles kisses when he wants to be kissing someone ? pic.twitter.com/829iL1E9qbharry styles is a bad kisser confirmed but i’m gonna ignore it pic.twitter.com/89LslsTHunHarry Styles is a bad kisser my ass! He just didn’t want to kiss HER.

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