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Andrew Tate Says 'Doctor Who' is 'Mind Poison'

Doctor Who, accusing the British sci-fi show of trying to "destroy gender roles" and "turn everybody into controlled eunuchs."During an episode of @TateSpeech—the podcast he shares with brother Tristan Tate—the former kickboxer watched a brief clip from the latest episode of Doctor Who, which aired on Saturday.Titled "Wild Blue Yonder," the episode saw 14th Doctor David Tennant face a race of copycat aliens, alongside returning companion Donna Noble (Catherine Tate) and her teenager Rose Noble (Yasmin Finney). Rose is non-binary, with the character's inclusion in last week's episode, "The Star Beast," causing a stir online.In the snippet featured in Tate's video, Donna's alien double tells the Doctor he'd understand their situation if he was still a woman.

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