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See the dumpster that might be the worst attempt at LGBTQ pride

Reading now: 361— LGBTQ+ Support ???? (@sagalgbtsupport) December 15, 2021We already knew rainbow-washing was an issue, but a dumpster decorated like an LGBTQ pride flag might just mark a new low.

Worse yet, the dumpster is prominently labeled “Garbage” in boldfaced lettering.An image of the dumpster resurfaced recently on the r/queermeme subreddit. “We are not trash, never were trash, [and] will never be trash,” Reddit user u/MaDeMeMe wrote, captioning the post.Related: 5 corporate pride moments from this June that were entirely too campOther social media users have also shared images of this dumpster—or dumpsters just like it.

A Reddit user posted the same image to the r/therewasanattempt forum earlier this year, with the caption “[There was an attempt] to be inclusive.” to be inclusive from therewasanattempt A Redditor who shared a similar photo in March 2019 said that the dumpster made its presence known at Seattle Pride.And other users have found the funny side. “If I have to be trash, at least I get to be gay trash,” Twitter user @sagalgbtsupport tweeted last year.Someone else made a photo of the rainbow dumpster into a meme image, adding the caption, “Just ran into my ex at Pride.”Related: This makeshift pride flag has Reddit in stitchesAnd back on the new r/queermeme thread, one user wrote, “I would hope this was an attempt at being LGTBQ+ friendly but failing miserably.”And another person commented, “Nah, we’re just dealing with a lot of trash and know how to deal with it.

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