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Some people are finding a way to blame the trans community for the war in Ukraine

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Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and the looming threat that we might be heading for World War Three. While it’s hard to know what comes next, I can honestly say I wasn’t expecting that this war would somehow be made to be partly about trans people – but several right-wing figures have suggested that ‘wokeness’ and transgender policy are in some way to blame for this horrific invasion.

More recently, the Russian Orthodox Church seemingly blamed ‘sinful’ Pride Parades for the invasion. It’s hard for me to imagine just how people are this obsessed with the trans community.

There are thousands of people dying and millions fleeing their homes due to this war, but all certain people can think is: ‘How can I blame this on transgender people?’I mostly feel pity for the people making these ridiculous claims, because it must be difficult to be so consumed by prejudice that you make every single topic revolve around us in one way or another.

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