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WATCH: 10 years later, this controversial gay film is a snapshot of a time before PrEP

A decade ago this month, the FDA approved Truvada for pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), making it the first official drug for reducing the risk of sexually acquired HIV infection.Though the pill has stirred up a number of debates over the years, its introduction was a major moment for the LGBTQ community, forever changing the way we think about, talk about, and have sex.Through that lens, that makes filmmaker Sal Bardo’s short, Chaser, a fascinating time capsule. Filmed in 2012, its story concerns itself with Zach (Max Rhyser), a gay man who escapes the confines of his daily life by exploring New York’s barebacking scene.Shown to be a well-liked high school teacher by day, Zach nonetheless feels alienated at home, where his Orthodox Jewish family holds him to impossibly high standards.

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