Stonewall Inn: Last News


New York’s Stonewall Inn continues to honor the shoulders its history stands on

New York‘s famous Stonewall Inn and the National LGBTQ+ Task Force, Nicole Murray Ramirez, Queen Mother I of the Americas, emphasized that a “movement that doesn’t know where it came from, doesn’t know where it’s going.” She heads the International Imperial Courts of the USA, Canada, and Mexico, the oldest LGBTQ organization in North America, established in 1965. Murray Ramirez, who oversees the selection of the quintet of queer people posthumously honored each year, said the goal was simple: to ensure the inductees are remembered. The Stonewall Inn might’ve not served as the home of the Wall of Honor had it not been saved from permanent closure in 2006. Activist and one of the historic gay bar’s current co-owners Stacy Lentz tells GayCities it has always been a designated safe space for queer people to find their chosen family.

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