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The Damage to the U.S. Capitol Continues Two Years Later

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When I worked on the Hill, I gave tours of the Capitol building to visiting constituents. I was a press secretary, so it was a little out of my realm of responsibilities, but I grabbed the opportunity every time I could.I never took for granted that a boy from Pittsburgh worked in Congress and had the opportunity to pass through that grand structure each day.

I knew the building like the back of my hand, and though that was 30 years ago, I still remember every nook and cranny.The Washington Post reported this week, sadly, that the official tours of the Capitol do not include any reference to the insurrection of January 6, 2021.

Tour guides are only to speak about it if they are asked. The reason, of course, is that you never know if an extremist is in your tour group and how they would react at the very mention of one of the worst days in our democracy.

The Capitol was badly bruised, with broken windows, beheaded historic statues, human excrement spread across its cast iron floors, and a shattered spirit.Here we are, two years later, and the Capitol again has been infiltrated by extremists who are holding the U.S.

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