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The Domino's Boy, He Delivers + Gay Dads Adopt Via Zoom + Trump's COVID-19 Czar Is A Swamp Monster + RIP Eddie Haskell + No Obama Portrait For You + MORE! — 12-PACK

ABOVE: This quote does not help me. BELOW: This Domino's worker delivers, gay dads Zoom to adopt, RIP Eddie Haskell (whose performances were always so lovely) and more ...

I bet it comes in under 30 minutes. (Image via selfie) GAY FLESHBOT (VERY WORK UNFRIENDLY): This Domino's employee is probably excellent at toppings. (Pic is only safe for work if you work in a bordello.) CHICAGO MAROON (FROM MY ALMA MATER!): A sweet piece on The L Word that's about more than The L Word, but also a lot about

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