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PHOTOS: Oh Pit Crew! The hottest shots of the dancers from this week’s ‘Drag Race’ makeover

*CAUTION: Minor spoilers ahead for the March 29 episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 16, “Drag Race Vegas LIVE! Makeovers”—but don’t worry, we won’t spoil the outcome of the challenge here!”Another week of Drag Race, another new crop of hunky Pit Crew members to drool over. Is it just us, or is Mama Ru really delivering the goods this season?As is tradition, it’s time again for a makeover challenge, one that’s been with us since the early days of the blown-out “season one filter,” tasking queens to drag up everyone from gay veterans to social media stars to the cast of Little Women: LA.Dive into drag culture and get a mix of entertainment, politics, and LGBTQ+ gems with our newsletter.This time around, Ru called in a favor from Sin City, inviting the “Pit Crew dancers” of the RuPauls’ Drag Race LIVE show in Las Vegas to the Werk Room to be our makeover guinea pigs.Understandably, the girls are gooped and gagged seeing these gorgeous men walk into the room, and we watched with pen and paper in hand, writing their names down for… reasons!The queens each take turns drawing balls with colors that correspond to the dancer’s underwear, getting their makeover partners assigned at random.

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