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Blu Hydrangea shares gender identity update after “touching” Drag Race UK discussion

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Blu Hydrangea opened up about their gender identity after an intimate discussion on Drag Race UK vs the World. On the latest episode of the highly anticipated show, the 25-year-old queen spoke about the difficulties of balancing drag and identity. “The main thing I struggled with drag is that I found I put Blu first,” they told Cheryl Hole and Jujubee. “She was this beautiful creature that I turned into and that was the only time that I was confident in my body.” Blu added that this made her experience “gender dysphoria” at times.

They further explained: “At one point I thought I was trans, I didn’t understand what was wrong with me, why I wasn’t happy with myself.” She then stated that appearing on season one of Drag Race UK helped her come to terms with her identity. “In Northern Ireland, it’s so far backwards, you don’t learn about these things,” Blue shared. “For me, it was people on the show finding themselves, being on the show with people like Divina who was so well educated, it made me realise that gender is such a spectrum. “I don’t know where I fall on it, but I know that I’m not male or female.

I’m just somewhere in between.” Shortly after the second episode of Drag Race UK vs the World aired, Blu took to Twitter to confirm how they identify. “My pronouns out of drag are He/They and in drag She/They,” she wrote.

Fans and queens alike instantly flooded Blu with support, with season three’s Choriza May writing: “Love you mi amor!” “Love you bb,” Canada’s Drag Race star Eve 6000 added. “Thank you for having that conversation,” a fan responded to Blu’s tweet. “It’s so important for the youngsters watching this and u are so right about Divina.

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