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Ryan Patrick Murphy (born November 9, 1965) is an American screenwriter, director, and producer. He is best known for creating and producing a number of television series, such as Nip/Tuck (2003–2010), Glee (2009–2015), American Horror Story (2011–present), Scream Queens (2015–2016), Pose (2018–present), 9-1-1 (2018–present), The Politician (2019–present), Lone Star (2020–present), and Hollywood (2020).
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This couple claims their home is haunted by horned up ghosts and we want to believe

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Plenty of reports of spooks and haunts crop up around Halloween. Most fly by without a second thought, but every so often one will fit so well in the gays’ favorite holiday that we can’t help but laud it.A report out of Gainesville, Texas this week tells the story of Linda Hill and her husband who claim a home they own is haunted by some awfully thirsty ghosts.The owners claim there have been tons of spectral calls of “Oh baby, oh baby, yeah” and, “Yeah, I like it like that” around the house.

Hall even claims one approached her while showering a slipped her a quick “Lookin’ good.”We want to believe:The hauntings apparently stem from the home’s history as a bordello (see: Brothel), as well as a huge “19-foot-well underneath the living room” that serves as “a spiritual portal.”Related: WATCH: This Chilean gay comedy features mischievous ghosts and “one of the strangest sex scenes”Something about a sexy ghost just seems to grip the queer imagination.

Ryan Murphy is a prime purveyor of pink posthumes on American Horror Story, whether its Zachary Quinto reading down Jessica Lange in Murder House or Gus Kenworthy getting inexplicably fruity in the 1984 camp afterlife.Queer pop princess Kesha has admitted to feeling the intimate touch of a ghost in real life.

Originally, she’d claimed that she’d gotten full-on down and dirty with a specter — probably just to coincide with her 2012 song “Supernatural”.Ahead of her ghost-hunting series on Discovery+ this year, she walked her claims back just a bit, saying, “I never actually slept with a ghost, but she did wake me up in a very sensual way.”It’s the same phenomenon that led to the Babadook being hailed as a queer icon a few years back.

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