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Toronto International Film Festival pulls trans Joker origin story film

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Toronto International Film Festival has pulled a film starring a trans Joker due to issues with the film’s rights. The People’s Joker was created by independent filmmaker Vera Drew.

Drew wrote, directed and starred in the movie, which was her feature film debut. The film followed a trans clown who opened an underground comedy club, and was a “queer, coming-of-age Joker origin tale.” “After years of numbing herself with Smylex, an unfunny clown named Joker grapples with gender identity, first love, and a fascist caped crusader all while founding an illegal comedy theatre in Gotham City,” summarised Drew in a tweet.

It only managed to have one screening before being hit with a cease and desist order from Warner Bros. TIFF subsequently pulled the film from its slot and posted a statement on its official website.

It reads: “The filmmaker has withdrawn this film due to rights issues.” The People’s Joker has incurred issues due to the issues surrounding the similarities to DC Comics characters.

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