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Tove Lo covers GAY TIMES: ‘I don’t want a heteronormative life’

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After releasing her first-ever album as an independent artist, Tove Lo tells GAY TIMES that she finally feels “creatively free”.

The Swedish pop sensation’s fifth studio album, Dirt Femme, was released in October to overwhelming critical acclaim for its innovative, dancefloor-ready production and deeply raw and confessional lyricism.

Featuring singles such as How Long, No One Dies From Love and 2 Die 4, with the star rocking a metallic corset and fully-erect golden-dildo in the latter video, Tove admits that Dirt Femme is her “favourite album” and era to date. “In my mind I’m like, ‘Do I say that every album?!’ But I don’t think I do,” she laughs. “You have your whole life to write your first album and then there’s the time crunch and expectation of the second one. “Even though I’m very proud of all my albums – I really stand for all of them – there’s something about having more time and no pressure and not having to play it for an A&R.” After eight years, it was time for Tove to possess full creative control, “work with whoever I want to and decide where the money should be spent.” Now, she continues, “I can be creatively free.” Dirt Femme explores uncharted territory for Tove such as her teenage struggles with an eating disorder (Grapefruit) and her rejection of a heteronormative life (Suburbia).

On the latter, Tove tells her lover that she “never wanted babies” or a “Stepford Wife” kind of marriage of a slinky, trippy beat.

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