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Transgender Teen Ace Stiles Impresses ‘American Idol’ Judges With His Story And His Voice


Sixteen-year-old Ace Stiles is just getting started. On Sunday’s “American Idol”, the judges watched as the teenager performed an original song, with a compelling, quirky style and even quirkier voice. “Is Ace your real name?” Katy Perry asked. “Sure,” Ace said. “I’m trans, so I get to pick my name.

So technically it’s my name.” RELATED: Viking Anthony Guzman Surprises ‘American Idol’ Judges Sharing Ace’s story, his mom Colleen recalled, “A few years ago we noticed that Ace went from very gregarious and outgoing to suddenly very withdrawn and quiet.

We saw him go into a deep depression.” “It became super-confusing,” Ace said. “I definitely had to come out to myself before I decided to come out to everybody else.

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