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Troye Sivan Was "In Love" With Zac Efron After Auditioning For A Movie With Him As A Child, And 26 Other Things We Learned On Zoom With Him

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Troye Sivan is one talented dude (to put it mildly). So we caught up with him ahead of the release of his new movie Three Months — where he plays a rebel teen, Caleb, who is exposed to HIV and has to wait through the summer to find out his results."Unfortunately, look at my phone.

I put it on the other side of the room so that I don't, but then I just get up and walk to it.""I went through two phases — both are absolute trash, by the way.

I'm working a lot at the moment, and I feel like I want to come home and switch my brain off and let it drip out of my ears.

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