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Vanity Milan issues statement after Drag Race: Canada vs the World semi-final

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Drag Race UK star Vanity Milan has issued a statement after the latest episode of Canada vs the World. Spoilers ahead For this week’s maxi challenge, the queens were tasked with bringing their best spy impressions for the frock-buster movie Spy Queens.  “Spy Queens tells the story of five bad-ass spy sisters, who, when things get squirrely, band together to save the mother-puckin world,” said guest judge Traci Melchor.

Because Victoria Scone won last week’s lip-sync, the UK-based queen was tasked with assigning the roles – which resulted in Rita Baga playing The Mother of the House, Silky Nutmeg Ganache as The Lip Sync Assassin, Ra’Jah O’Hara as The Body Ody Ody and Vanity as The Look Queen.

Following a hilarious read-through of the script, the queens headed to the sound stage to film the action-filled feature. While most of the contestants delivered great performances, Vanity, unfortunately, struggled to land her lines – specifically regarding the “My Dressing Room” scene.

After strutting down the runway in their best Y2Gay 2000s Club Kids ensembles, the contestants assembled on the main stage to watch the final cut of Spy Queens – which resulted in Rita, Ra’Jah and Victoria earning praise for their performances.

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