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What does LGBT stand for, and what does a + or * after it mean?

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Pride Week.You may also have seen an A, a P, an I, an asterisk, or a plus sign on the end of it, as the umbrella of the term grows to reflect the diverse people under it.Even if you’re well-meaning, perhaps you feel somewhat confused by the array of different terms, or aren’t sure how to identify someone you know.Rather than worrying about it, however, we’ve got a handy guide for you.Here’s what each letter of the LGBTQ+ initialism stands for.L – This letter stands for lesbian, which refers to women who are attracted to women.

Lesbian can sometimes be written as wlw, which means women who love women or woman-loving-woman.G – The G refers to gay, which can either mean men attracted to men, or refer to anyone who identifies as a homosexual..

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