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Why, exactly, is #PrinceOfPegging trending on Twitter? Prepare to be royally surprised.

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Andrew Yang’s flop of a political party, a certain hashtag has risen above the chaff of trending topics today that’s got Twitter in a tizzy.There are hundreds—if not thousands—of tweets using “#PrinceOfPegging,” a phrase that’s certainly piqued our interest.

But why? Is it about an adult film star achieving a certain career milestone? Or, perhaps someone’s just really good at those wooden logic games you find at Cracker Barrel?As it turns out, the trending topic isn’t based on an anything at all—well, anything factual at least.Related: More and more straight men can’t get enough of this stimulating backdoor activityIt all started when modern-day gossip rag Deuxmoi posted a salacious and completely unfounded rumor to their Instagram story, as they so often do.

The anonymous, user-submitted “tip” about an alleged royal affair has made its way to Twitter, where it has inspired the hashtag that users are now having a field day with.It’s at this point that we want to make clear: Deuxmoi is in no way a legitimate source—nothing posted to or shared by the brand account should be taken as fact.

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