Woman’s husband hires a sex worker to try and turn gay son straight

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Reddit post has gone viral and prompted thousands of comments. It would be a good one to share the next time you hear someone whine, “I don’t know why gay people have to come out, no one cares these days!”The mom (@Destroyedheart75) posted in the sub-Reddit, TrueOffMyChest, in which people vent about things going on in their life.

She explains she has a 17-year-old son who came out as gay two years earlier. She said she was unsurprised and supportive, as she’d long suspected he was gay.

However, her husband was shocked and never accepted the news.“To this day he still refuses to believe my son is gay, he can’t believe it and thinks that my son is doing it because somehow he is resentful towards him.“Last year he tried to send our son to a conversion therapy camp, those places advertise as ‘clinics for men’ but I opposed so fiercely that he gave up that idea.“Then, he tried to get my son testosterone shots with a shady doctor, in his mind my son needed to be more manly and more testosterone would awake his male instincts.”The woman does not say where she lives.

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