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40 NBA players sent more than 75 homophobic tweets

Reading now: 140, Chris chose to keep his identity anonymous “out of fear of online attacks from fans of the players or teams.”Chris was able to find 78 homophobic tweets from 40 players throughout the league — a full 32 of the players remain active, according to tweets run the gauntlet in terms of how explicitly homophobic they are.

Some are as tame — and absurd — as Center for the Atlanta Hawks Clint Capela saying “no homo” after wishing a friend luck, while others feature explicitly homophobic slurs directed as insults.The majority of tweets were sent between 2009 and 2013, at a time when many of the players were still very young (some even still teenagers in high school), and attitudes around LGBTQ issues vastly different from now.But openly gay basketball player Derrick Gordon, who plays professionally in Germany, told that such statements shouldn’t be tolerated no matter when they were posted.“I don’t care how long ago it was, it shows the person’s character,” Gordon said. “It’s a slap in the face to me, to other people in my community.

That’s disrespectful. I’m not for people losing their jobs, but words like that can’t be tolerated.”Chris found the tweets over a weekend while checking players’ Twitter accounts to “make sure [he] was rooting for the right people.” He stated that while the number of homophobic tweets he found was “shocking,” it didn’t surprise him.

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