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Caitlyn Jenner Is Facing Backlash For Supporting The "Don't Say Gay" Bill

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bills that were brought in at the state level this, new Fox contributor and grifter Caitlyn Jenner said she "absolutely" supports Ron DeSantis and Florida's "don't say gay" billDespite Caitlyn saying she “can teach those lessons,” many of the Kardashian/Jenners have suggested that they "found out" about Caitlyn being trans by discovering Caitlyn wearing dresses, wearing makeup, etc.Trash. @Caitlyn_Jenner I’m only going to say this: possibly if ur teachers had been allowed to have educated discussions with u about sensitive issues perhaps you would have felt empowered to own your own identity before your 60s, or at least allow others the space to own theirs. Jenner is an absolute garbage person and an absolute piece of shit. How fucking embarrassing can one person be?

I’ve thought about it. I tweeted it. I don’t regret it. All in favor tweet “I”. take on Caitlyn Jenner is that the fact that she has a Fox News contributor gig while no other trans people have comparable deals on CNN or MSNBC shows that trans people still get rewarded more for attacking our own than for discussing legitimate challenges to our community.Caitlyn Jenner you're nothing more than a pathetic little puppet, an ignorant conduit carrying out the GOPs hateful narrative about your own community.

YOU are the one causing harm to LGBTQ people. You don't deserve to stand in our beautiful light. You're a dark cloud of hate.Caitlyn Jenner is absolute garbage.

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