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5 celebrities share their embarrassing “modesty thong” stories

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The recent revelation that swoon-worthy Bridgerton actor Jonathan Bailey (accidentally) wore a modesty thong out to the pub after a day of filming in the buff had us thinking:Are modesty thongs the unsung heroes of the entertainment industry?For those who are unaware, the modesty thong—sometimes referred to as a modesty pouch, or patch—is a crucial piece of modern movie magic.

The barely-there undergarments are frequently used on sets when actors are filming nude scenes, a solution for those who are, well, modest and prefer to not let it all hang out.Since consent is king (not to mention the increased need for on-set intimacy coordinators), these skin-colored pieces help keep everything in check.

Sure, cheeks may be bared, but modesty thongs ensure everyone on set is feeling happy, safe, and respected.In other words: All hail the modesty thong!

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